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Meet Ethel Antonio


Ethel Antonio, MSN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C

Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Ethel Antonio is dual board certified as psychiatric mental health and family nurse practitioner. She has been a nurse practitioner over the years working in urgent care centers, family practice, psychiatric outpatient centers, skilled nursing homes and inpatient facilities. She also has a strong background in emergency medicine. 


Her treatment philosophy encompasses understanding the whole person -- including the connection between physical and mental health. She believes that supportive psychotherapy and psychoeducation are as equally important as medication management.  Ultimately, she prioritizes compassionate care emphasizing a team-approach to reach your mental health goals.

Ethel is passionate about decreasing the stigma around mental health. She experienced growing up in a culture in which mental health was not openly discussed -- and she strives to create change in this area for her patients.

Ethel currently resides in Los Angeles, California. In her free time, you can find her traveling, working one of her many jobs, trying new foods (obviously the selection of food there is better than PHX...) or listening to some Coldplay. 


What is your favorite movie:   ELF-  I’m cheesy, love feel good movies.

Favorite superhero: Spider man:  he used to be an everyday average person!


If you could have a superpower, what superpower would you pick: TIME TRAVEL!!!!

Favorite bands/singer:  Love Coldplay, maybe some Imagine dragons, I do like Post Malone, Lauren Hill, anything old school r&b/rap. Hawaiian reggae: Anuhea, Kolohe kai.

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for:   (1) One selfish: Have a debit card with no limit (2) One selfless: end human suffering (3) The ability to SIGNIFICANTLY help/heal others mentally and physically

What is your favorite food?  Sushi today…it always changes.. I love food and trying different foods.

What are you most passionate about in the mental health field? I’m most passionate about decreasing the stigma around mental health.  I grew up in a culture where it was not okay to express any feelings. The idea of mental health/depression/anxiety was brushed under the rug.

What is your philosophy on using medication to treat mental health?  Medications can help but it’s not the only solution.  Therapy equally important. It helps to slow down all these thoughts so you can process all of these feelings.  

Are medications lifelong?  Not necessarily…unless there is schizphrenia present or they need help lifelong stabilizing their mood. Antidepressants..not forever but can be as well, shared decision making. Important to discuss these concerns in the beginning.

Does a patient who sees you HAVE to be on medication? We can prescribe medications but there are always different ways to manage mental illness such as the different therapies!


If a patient is nervous about an evaluation, especially when talking about tough things like trauma or sexual abuse, what would you want them to know? Everything is confidential. I would want them to know they’re safe.  They don’t have to tell me everything now. Over time when they are comfortable we can talk about it more. This is where establishing a trusting relationship is important. I would want them to know what they are experiencing is normal.

How do you feel about medical marijuana?   Try it -- if it works for you…use it in moderation.

What are your thoughts about treating adult ADHD?  Sometimes as children, people are able to compensate for inattention/hyperactivity. It requires a good thorough assessment as an adult. 

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.  I love to travel and have been to many places around the world.

What inspired you to go into mental health after working as a family nurse practitioner?  Psych/mental health has always been a passion of mine. I have my BA in psychology. It was my mom who pushed me into nursing. As an FNP you can’t deny that mental health is just as important physical health. Both are dependent on one another. I love the idea of treating a person as a whole. To me it’s like coming full circle.

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