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Meet Lejon Wilkerson


Lejon Wilkerson, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Specialty: trauma, mood, anxiety


LJ has been passionate about mental health for the better part of the last decade. He thrives on providing mental healthcare throughout the lifespan. He has embraced the privilege to provide care for all ages in inpatient care in crisis stabilization units as well as remote therapy for years and takes great pride in making a positive impact in all the mental health patients he cares for. LJ

also takes great pride in being an advocate for equality for ALL patients.


He enjoys architecture, movies (DIE HARD MARVEL FAN), watching his daughter play basketball, listening to Drake, SZA, or Antonio Vivaldi (got him through nursing school and is the GOAT of classical music in his opinion), and watching anime occasionally. .


LJ recognizes that life is such a beautiful gift and precious. He believes that providing access to mental health patients in need is the most important factor because there are just not enough mental health providers to provide the effective, compassionate, and continuous care the mental health population needs. He has extensive experience with women who have experienced sexual abuse and recognizes the continuous mental anguish that being sexually abused can cause. He also recognizes that most men do not feel comfortable seeking mental health treatment and he hopes to be a part of eliminating the stigma surrounding seeking mental health!


Favorite Superhero: The Hulk!

Favorite Video Games: Love The Last of Us I and II, Resident Evil and Ghost of Hiroshima. 

Favorite TV Shows: I have been kinda addicted to Suits lately! Favorite anime - Attack on Titan, Castlevania, Baki. 

Favorite bands/singer/music: Drake and SZA.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?: I  I would want to never get any other, and grant the same to my family because I always want to be there for them even thought I know I can't..

If you could have three wishes, would what they be?: 1. be able to heal al ailments, 2. unlimited currency, 3. immortality for me and loved ones, 4. trump guilty on some of his bullshit 

Thoughts on medical marijuana: I think medical mary jane is essential - we have just finally made progress in Georgia, but still limited here because it's such a red state.

Thoughts on psychadelics in psychiatry? I think psychadelics should definitely be utlized if they are an effective treatment and are beneficial long term for the patient. I think big Pharma will definitely fight it though. 

Do you have any populations you are passionate about working with? I am passionate about veteran mental health, and also eliminating the stigma around mental health for men who may be hesitant to seek care. 

What is your philosophy on using medications in mental health?   Medication is effective in treating mental health at times, but therapy is essential to identify the root of the problem as well as the patient’s needs.

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Text/Call: 928-504-4700

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