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Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Questions

Do you see all ages?

All ages

We specialize in seeing young adults - but we see ages 5 and up. 

Do you do therapy?


We focus on medication management, but can do supportive therapy and offer suggestions through our appointments. We highly recommend that everyone who takes psychiatric medication also has a therapist. We have many recommendations and referrals if needed. 

Do you diagnose Autism or developmental disabilities?


No, the department of developmental disabilities does not accept a diagnosis of autism by nurse practitioners in the state of Arizona. Developmental pediatricians, psychologists and psychiatrists are the best option for autism diagnoses, while psychologists are the best option for diagnosing learning disabilities or dyslexia. However, we have extensive experience with medication management with kids who have autism and/or delays.

Do you prescribe medication to pregnant folks?

Yes! If needed we can work on a safe treatment plan and review all of the possible risks and benefits of starting or continuing pharmacological treatment throughout your pregnancy. Two to five weeks after giving birth is the riskiest time to develop a mood disorder, so we will be able to monitor you through this period as well.


Will you work with my therapist/other provider?


With a release of information, we would certainly love to! Collaboration is our preference. 

What is involved in an evaluation?


We will ask questions about development (pregnancy/first years of life/childhood), school, work if applicable, interests, family pets, and medical history along with a lot of questions about sleep, eating, emotions and mood. We may ask you, a parent or teacher to fill out a questionnaires in some cases or request other documentation. Some things are hard to talk about, so appointment is in YOUR control and the focus is to make you feel safe and comfortable. If you would like to involve a friend, significant other, or family member for support, we are happy to allow that. After the appointment we will talk about the diagnosis and treatment options. 

Does the appointment always need to be on video?

Yes, in order to diagnose the individual, it is very important to be able to have the evaluation via video. BOTH the guardian(s) AND the child need to be present for evaluation and med appointments of anyone under 18 years of age unless otherwise agreed upon.


What if I need an interpreter?

Our Medical Assistants have experience as interpreters for Spanish and Tagalog. Costs for her interpretation could be discussed.


What if I run out of meds before my appointment?

Send over an email or request, and we can take care of you. Exceptions do exist such as for frequent missed appointments, not obtaining necessary labs or controlled substances. We require an appointment on file in order to send any refills and for all payments to either be complete, or a payment plan to be in place. If we have never met and you are running low on medication, we can most likely have a phone call and bridge you until your evaluation. 

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Can I talk to my provider outside of my appointment?

conact prvder

We ask that you make an appointment to speak with your provider, and our support team is also available to take messages for them. We do not make medication changes outside of appointments. Refill requests can be sent to the support team. We do NOT do crisis situations - please seek urgent care or the emergency room for a crisis.

Please also note your provider may work a second or third job besides this one, and also would like to enjoy their personal life. Please make an appointment if you have concerns that need to be discussed at length.

Do you prescribe Xanax, Ativan or other Benzos?


Due to current research on the addictive nature of benzo's, withdrawals when coming off of them and the potential for development of dementia and other long term risk factors, we do not prescribe these medications. We can help find alternatives for anxiety.

Do you work with eating disorders or substance abuse?

eating di

We are not equipped at this time to work with eating disorders or substance abuse at this time. There are intensive outpatient options for substance abuse, groups and other resources in Arizona for substance abuse. We can also refer to places that specialize in eating disorders. 

Do you do Emotional Support Animal Letters?


Yes! We will need to discuss in length during an evaluation more about the animal(s) in question. We do not prescribe service animals. Please understand the difference prior to making a request. We do charge for paperwork.

Do you do FMLA or Disability Paperwork?


Yes. However, PLEASE check with the provider of your paperwork to ensure that a nurse practitioner is sufficient PRIOR to asking us to fill it out. This is solely your responsibility. Very few disability and other types of paperwork require a psychiatrist to fill out the form, and will not accept our signatures. We do charge for paperwork.

What's going on with this ADHD Test?

We offer the QBCheck at all of our locations. This is a 15 minute test for ages 6-11, or a 20 minute test for ages 12 to adulthood. You will be brought into a room in which we will set you up on a laptop computer. The computer will provide instructions prior to starting the task on which buttons to press on the keyboard at which times. Parents do not stay in the room during the evaluation for kids. This test will provide information. You can take the test without an evaluation or follow up if you are not interested in interpretation. If you would like interpretation, we require a full evaluation (or if you are established, a follow up to talk about it). You receive a report via email after completing the task. We have a blog post in our blog section about it!

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What insurance do you take?


What are self-pay rates?

We currently take most plans of BCBS, Cigna, UHC + Aetna. Please check and make sure your insurance has MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS prior to scheduling. We do not take AHCCCS at this time..because AHCCCS won't let us contract with them :)

We charge $300 for an evaluation and $120 for a follow up for self pay. Please note if you have an insurance deductible, you may owe slightly more than that. 

self pay

I received an outrageous bill. Help???


Your visit should never been too far off from the self-pay rates. If you are receiving a bill that your visit was $375+, then please note this is likely an error that will be fixed. Plz do not stress. We will always contact you if there is an insurance issue.

Why do I need a credit card on file to have an appointment?

We process all fees/copays/etc prior to the appointment. With the volume of appointments and in honor of keeping our prices reasonable (and being able to continue to take insurance), we cannot be calling each person trying to obtain individual payments. We do not have the staff available to make that happen. You will need a credit card on file WITH an HSA card if you choose to use an HSA/FSA account.

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How are fees/copays collected?

The night prior to your visit, copays and self-pay fees are collected to your card on file. Please ensure if you have an HSA account that it has the proper amount of money in it prior to your visit. If you need to unlock your card, please do it 24 hours before your visit to avoid cancellation. Deductibles are typically collected after the insurance processes the claim which can be days or weeks (sometimes months) later. We charge them to the card on file.


Do you do payment plans?

What if I lost my job/insurance/can't afford this anymore?

paymet pla

Absolutely! We want you to be able to afford care. Let us know what you can do and we will make something work.

Please contact us so we can discuss plans and options. With our current economy, it can be difficult to obtain healthcare and psychiatric services at this time. . Do not hesitate to contact us if this is a concern, and we promise we will find a way to continue your care. We will require proof of loss of income or job.

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Will insurance cover my medication?

Most likely, yes! Your pharmacy will be able to check to see if your insurance covers your medication.

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Why am I being charged if I have insurance?


You may have a "deductible." This means that your insurance company expects you to owe a percentage (from 20% up to the full amount of the visit) until you reach a set amount of money. Once you have paid that amount of money, the insurance company then agrees to start paying for your healthcare. For example, if you have a $2,000 deductible, your insurance company expects you to pay $2,000 out of pocket for your healthcare visits before they will pay any of your visits.

Can you make me a superbill?

Upon request, we can provide you with a superbill. A superbill is an itemized list of services you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement after paying out of pocket. Check with your insurance company to see if they accept out of network superbills for psychiatric behavioral health.


What if I don't want to pay you?

wont pay

If we have provided you a service, we trust you to pay for that service -- if you do not pay us, we cannot pay your provider for that time they spent with you. You are legally required to pay copays if your insurance has paid anything for your visit. If you continue to refuse or avoid payment, we will send your balance to a collections agency with an additional $200 fee.

Also remember, we are humans trying to make ends meet with student loans and other expenses. None of us are wealthy. 

I was left a message saying my insurance denied my claim because I need to update coordination of benefits. What does this mean?


This means that your insurance company believes that you have another insurance as your "primary." If you do not have another insurance, please call your insurance company and ask to "update my coordination of benefits." From there, tell them you do not have any other health insurance. If you do have other health insurance, you may need to give them that other insurance information and tell them if they are your primary insurance. 

What if I can't afford my medications?

We are very familiar with prices of medications, services such as GoodRX, the Mark Cuban Pharmacy and other means to save money on prescriptions. We can work together to find an affordable solution. Just let us know!

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I have a billing question. Who do I contact?

You can contact 6026130455 or


I believe I was overcharged. What do I do?

Please email with your concerns and a screenshot of your bank account. CHECK with your insurance to see if you have a deductible if you are concerned about a charge after giving us your insurance information.


Why was I charged when I didn't attend my appointment?

In our consent to treatment and no show agreement forms, you have agreed to compensate your provider for their time if you (1) do not cancel your appointment over 24 hours prior (2) show up 10+ minutes late to your appointment (3) do not attend your appointment. Fees are $275/evaluation and $120/follow up visit.

no sho

What is a nurse practitioner?

what isnp

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training including a master's degree in a specialized area. After completing training, nurse practitioners are required to pass a certification exam. Historically, nurse practitioners were designed to fill the gap of not having enough prescribers in underserved areas. While some people prefer psychiatrists or medical doctors, nurse practitioners have many of the same abilities and clinical skills (however, in the state of Arizona, we cannot diagnose autism). Studies have shown that compared to medical doctors/physicians, patients of nurse practitioners report greater satisfaction, quality of care, more time receiving education and similar health outcomes. Nurse practitioners are also trained with a more holistic model of care vs. a medical model, which includes considerations for the entire person as a whole.

What provider do I schedule with?


All of us have some fun facts about ourselves along with a biography which should help you find a provider you would feel most comfortable with. 

What sets you apart from other medication providers?


Authenticity is important to us. We genuinely love getting to know our patients and their families. Most of us do not come from highly privileged backgrounds in which we had the luxury of our parents paying for our education.  For most of us, we come from lower income upbrinigings -- and are therefore a hell of a lot more humble than a lot of people. We are quirky, kinda weird, open-minded and not very professional. 

What is a perinatal certified provider?


This is a completed training by Postpartum Support International (PSI) including advanced pharmacology training and passed a board exam which certifies a specialty in perinatal mental health. We are specialized in understanding and working with those who are family planning, pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding.  You can read more about PSI training at

What if I don't want to see a student NP for my appointment?

student np

If you are absolutely opposed to this, please let the support team know at prior to your appointment. Please note if you have scheduled with a provider with a student, they have the right to refuse your appointment and request you see another provider instead. Our students are excellent, monitored closely and often hired on with our practice upon graduation. The student NP will NEVER be allowed to see you without the provider present and listening, and the provider ultimately makes all decisions. We are a teaching practice.

I used to see Maria, but I don't see a way to schedule with her. Help?


Maria had to pull back from her caseload and shut off her schedule. Please email if you need to contact Maria about an appointment. She is currently pregnant, raising her toddler, working on expanding and management of the practice, and supporting our nurse practitioners in being rad providers.

Can I complain on my provider?


Sure. You can email with any concerns.

Can I switch providers for one appointment?


YES! If your provider is booked out, does not have availability that suits your needs, or you would like to explore the option of switching providers, you can switch to another provider at any time. We will review your previous provider's notes and plan for you prior to your appointment. We don't take it personally if you need to have an appointment with another provider. We all function as a team and a family.


My provider didn't give me what I wanted. Now what?

We are not a drive-through medication service. Your provider will evaluate you and come up with a plan that they believe is safe, evidence-based and would suit your individual needs. We do not take "orders" for medications, and while we work as a team to find a solution that is best for you, we cannot blindly prescribe whatever you would like. We aren't really McDonalds. 

I emailed my provider and haven't heard back. Now what?


Our providers all work different hours and may have multiple jobs, and will only be checking their emails throughout the business day. It may be more beneficial for you to send your question to or to call/text 928-504-4700 for our support team to review. If necessary, they can direct your question to the provider on call if your provider is not working that day.

Can I call my provider at any time?


Realistically, no. We are not on-call 24-7. Your provider may have other jobs. Your provider may have a family and other responsibilities. If you would like to talk to your provider, the best option is to make an appointment to discuss concerns or changes.

We are not a crisis service. If you have an emergency, you can call 911, crisis, go to your local urgent care, Mind 24/7 or emergency room.

Can I get a second opinion for an evaluation?


Most definitely you are entitled to a second opinion! Go ahead and schedule another evaluation on our website with another provider of your choice. Your insurance may choose to not cover a second evaluation so there may be out of pocket costs associated with this.

My provider ordered labs. How do I get them?

If your provider ordered labs, they have been sent electronically to Sonora Quest Labs. If your insurance does not cover them or you would like to get them elsewhere, please request the lab slip from Otherwise, you can make an appointment online for any Sonora Quest location.

If you are receiving labs for Lithium, please get them done 12 hours after your last dose (meaning if you have a morning dose, skip it until after labs are complete). 


Do I need to live in Arizona to receive care?

Yes. We are currently only licensed in Arizona to provide care. We can still help if you go to college out of state.


How do I reschedule/cancel my appointment?


Find your confirmation email. It will have an option to cancel or reschedule. You will not have this option if it is under 24 options prior to the appointment time. Alternatively, you can email or text 928-504-4700 to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You are be able to go on our website and rebook a time slot that works best for you. 

What is a "no show"?


A "no show" is defined as not attending your appointment, a cancellation under 24 hours prior to your appointment time, and/or attending your appointment 10+ minutes late.. If there are technical difficulties or other things causing a delay, text 928-504-4700 for help. They will be able to notify your provider.

Can you use labs from my other provider instead of getting new ones?


Sure can. Send a copy to  We may need to order additional labs depending on what was ordered.


Can I have a copy of my records?

Yup. Just give us some advanced notice. Medical record requests should be in writing to our support team, and will be sent within 30 days. We do charge a $50 fee for a medical record request.

Can you refer me to a therapist?

YES! We have a HUGE network of therapists who are amazing that we work with. We can figure out someone who takes your insurance, or has an affordable self-pay cost and would be most beneficial to your needs.


Can you tell me what my child said to you during your time with them?


Due to confidentiality laws, we are held to a standard of maintaining privacy for your child. The only exception is if your child poses a threat to themselves or others, in cases of abuse, or is being/at risk of being harmed.

Do I need to be present for my child's appointment?


Yes unless arranged otherwise with the provider - especially the first evaluation. Evaluations without the guardian present will be rescheduled. We cannot make any medication decisions without your attendance if your child is a minor.  If you do not attend, no medication decisions can be made, and you will be required to make another appointment with both you and the child present in order to discuss options.

I don't get along with the other parent of my child. Can we do separate appointments/emails/etc?


It is our policy that both guardians of the parents need to be on every email chain -- especially if there is joint medical decision making. We expect parents to prioritize their child's mental health at this time..especially since separation, divorce and parental conflict can be very difficult for the child/teen. That means all appointments will be expected to be attended together, and all communications should include both parents/guardians.

What if there is a custody arrangement for my child?

All court custody documentation must be presented along with appropriate identification. For joint custody, medication decisions will not be made without both parents present at the appointment. You may log on the appointment from different homes. 


Will my child be spoken to privately during the appointment?

In most cases, we do request to spend some time with the child privately to ask questions. Sometimes answers vary - especially depending on age. If your child is really uncomfortable with a few minutes alone speaking with us, usually we can wait until later appointments if they request the parent stays present.


Can I drive during my appointment?


No. This is a huge danger. Please don't do it. Plz. We will reschedule you. 

Is this formal? Can I eat snacks during the appointment?

This is the least formal appointment you've ever attended. Promise. Plz eat snacks and bring the tea.


Can my baby/toddler attend? Can I breastfeed during the appointment?

YES! Many of us are parents and our own young children (or dogs..or cats..) may be popping in and out of appointments. Your baby, toddler and children are always invited if you are comfortable. We can roll with distractions, tantrums, you name it. 

It also sucks we live in a society where people feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public or even professional settings. Your baby or toddler is hungry, you feed 'em. 


Why are appointments so long? we can get to know you as a human, and really hear your story and develop a plan for you. We'd rather spend a ton of time getting to know you (and ya know, you can give us the tea on life) and REALLY understanding what's going on so we can recommend the correct meds and treatment plan. If we rush, what's the point? It also gives you space to ask questions and not feel super rushed. We're not those 3-minute appointment "see you in 3 months" kind of providers.


Who do I contact about a prior authorization?

Contact -- we will soon be hiring on a prior authorization specialist. 


Who do I contact about a refill?

Contact, text 928-504-4700 or leave a message on the refill voicemail box at 928-504-4700.


I don't want to deal with lowly support staff - ONLY my provider. I can do that, right?

At Paperflower, we work and function as a family which includes our support team. We expect that our patients respect all members of our Paperflower family. Blatant disrespect toward our support staff can result in discharge. 


I read all of the questions but I am still nervous. What if this is uncomfortable or awkward?

We pride ourselves on being extremely sensitive to other emotions, and we will work to make you feel comfortable. We bring in a lot of positive energy, and are happy to meet family pets and introduce our dogs over video! 


Where do I find the link to my telehealth session?

The link to your telehealth session can be found on your confirmation email. THE LINK WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME FOR EACH PROVIDER EVERY SINGLE VISIT. IT DOES NOT CHANGE. The link will always start with

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Where can I find copies of your policies?

Our Consent to Treatment can be viewed here. Our Notice of Privacy Practices can be viewed here. Our No Show Policy can be viewed here.

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My medication isn't ready/being allowed to be filled/wasn't sent. HELP.

Please CALL your pharmacy first before contacting us. We always send medications and most likely this is a pharmacy or insurance issue - they may have the wrong insurance listed, it may be too early to fill your prescription, they may need a prior authorization (contact us for that) or may not have it in stock. 99% of the time, we have to call the pharmacy and then call you back that it was a pharmacy issue..if you call them directly, you can cut out the middle man and get it filled faster :) 

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