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Want to check in on some important policies on refills, attendance to appointments and all that stuff? We'll break it down. This includes our most updated:

Refill Policy

"No Show" Policy

Service Policy

Medication Policy

Discharge Policy

Fee Policy

Refill Policy 

  • We require an appointment on file to complete your refill.

  • We will send you enough pills to get to that appointment.

  • If you have a balance on your account, you must set up a payment plan with a working credit card on file prior to receiving your refills.

  • If you cancel or choose to not attend after receiving your refill without rescheduling, you will no longer receive refills until you are able to attend an appointment.

  • If you have not completed labs as ordered, you may be denied a refill at your provider's discretion.

  • If after a controlled prescription is filled, it is reported to be lost, accidentally disposed of, or in any other means not accessible prior to the follow-up appointment, refills will not be provided.

  • If you have not been seen by a provider in the requested time frame for follow up (one month, two months or three months), we cannot send your refill

  • We charge $10 for processing same-day urgent refill requests, and $15 for same-day requests on weekends + holidays.

  • Refill requests take up to 72 business hours to complete. Please request in advance. 

    • example: requests made on a Friday will be completed by Tuesday

    • example: requests made on a Friday will be completed by Wednesday if Monday is a holiday

No Show Policy 

  • A "no show" constitutes as not attending your appointment, cancelling your appointment under 24 hours prior to your appointment time (even emergencies...sorry :-(), attending your appointment while driving or coming to your appointment 10+ minutes late.

  • A no show fee for an evaluation is $120 if rescheduled and attended, or $300 if choosing to not reschedule

  • A no show fee for a follow up is $120, even if on a sliding scale

  • No show fees need to be paid or put on payment plan prior to your next visit

Service Policies

  • In order to maintain your evaluation, paperwork must be completed 24 hours before your appointment or your appointment will be cancelled.

  • Support team and billing messages (voicemails, texts and emails) will be answered within 72 hours.

  • Medical record requests will be handled within 30 days of written request.

  • You agree that we will not participate in any court cases that include our presence without a prior agreement and signed contract with the agency and your provider at $350+/hour.

  • We do not do emergency or crisis care. These situations require calls to CRISIS or 911.

  • Parents or guardians are required to be present for the duration of their child's appointment unless otherwise arranged in writing; otherwise this will be cancelled and subject to a "no show" fee.

  • The child is required to be present for their appointment unless otherwise arranged in writing; otherwise this will be cancelled and subject to a "no show" fee.

  • If you have not been seen in 8+ months, we require a full new evaluation.

Medication Policies

  • After your provider sends a medication, you are required to call the pharmacy to troubleshoot any insurance, quantity, or other concerns prior to contacting us.

  • DO NOT DEPEND ON YOUR PHARMACY APP TO TELL YOU IF WE SENT A MEDICATION - more often than not, we sent it! Call your pharmacy if it says the medication isn't ready (it probably has nothing to do with us).

  • Medications other than psychiatric medications will not be provided by us.

  • Medications that require blood work such as mood stabilizers are not guaranteed to be filled unless blood work has been completed.

  • Medications can only be sent to pharmacies in the state of Arizona unless your provider holds an alternative state license.

  • We will not prescribe psychiatric medications if you choose to have two psychiatric providers - this is not a safe arrangement

  • You may be requested to sign a "controlled substances" policy if prescribed a stimulant or other controlled medication.

  • Prior authorization requests can take 5-7 business days to complete.

  • We will not prescribe benzo's (xanax, ativan, etc) unless it is

    • (1) for a short term situation such as a flight/funeral/etc

    • (2) you come in already taking one and create an agreement with your provider to taper from it

Discharge Policy 

Grounds for discharge includes:

  • Refusal to work with our support team or any disrespectful, racist, vulgar language toward our support team.

  • Choosing to have another provider fill or change your psychiatric medications without first notifying your Paperflower provider (it's not safe!)

  • Dishonesty in regards to, selling or misusing medication prescribed

  • Failing to show up (or a "no show") 3+ times for your appointments 

  • Refusal to create a payment plan for balances due

  • Refusal to maintain a credit card on file (it's just how our system needs to flow with as many appointments daily we have..)

  • Refusal to follow up as recommended by your provider

  • Disrespect, harassment or vulgar language towards your provider

  • Dishonesty in regards to custody situations or legal matters

  • A patient outside of our expertise or scope of practice

In cases of discharge, we will send three referral sources for a new provider and a 90 day supply of medication if the medication is noted by provider to be safe to refill.

Policy on fees/insurance

  • We are a fee-for-service company, and do charge fees for paperwork, medical record requests and time outside of appointments. Updated fees can be found on services page.

  • We require everyone to have a working credit/debit card on file in order to keep your appointment.

  • You are required to have a credit card on file even if you have an HSA/FSA card on file. You can write to have the HSA charged first. If there is not money loaded prior to your appointment and other arrangements are not made, the credit card will be charged.

  • All fees/copays/deductibles are collected 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • If your payment does not go through prior to the appointment and you have not made other arrangements with support (to update card, a day you get paid, payment plan etc), your appointment will be canceled. 

  • If you do not have updated insurance information within 24 hours of your appointment, that visit may be charged as a self pay rate.

  • For medications to be sent if there is a balance on the account, we require a payment plan in place. 

  • Refunds are not issued in any circumstance if the service has already taken place.

  • A sliding scale is arranged with a single provider. If you chose care with another provider, you may be subject to the full fee unless otherwise arranged. Please contact support if you have questions on this.

  • If you need us to change the card we charged payment on, and did not let us know 24 hours before your appointment, a 6% processing fee is added to your charge. This is because Stripe charges us to refund/rerun it :) 

ps -- No we aren't money hungry and yes we want you to have services, we just are all trying to make a living doing this..if you weren't getting paid when you went to work, would you still go?

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