PMHNP Consultation Services

Maria Ingalla, DNP, PMHNP-BC, PMH-C has been a preceptor since 2018 for PMHNP students, and also works as a professor at Aspen University + Arizona State University for pre-licensure nursing students in mental health.


She has experience in working with highly complex + acute cases for ages 5 to 65. She has extensive experience in pediatric psychiatry in community mental health -- she specializes in abuse/PTSD, anxiety, depression, pediatric bipolar, autism, ADHD, severe aggression/violence, exposure to substances in utero, foster/adopted children, and those within the juvenile system. Maria also works adults (favorite: young adults!) with all diagnoses. 

She has provided pro-bono asylum evaluations, and has worked in the community with the undocumented population for several years. She currently volunteers with the IRC to provide asylum evaluations and to guide students through the process of supporting this community. 

She is certified in perinatal mental health through PSI, and can provide guidance on safely working with the peripartum and postpartum population as well. She works with Concert Health to provide recommendations to OBGYNs, PCPs, and Pediatricians across the country on complex cases.

New Graduate Services

Mentorship 1:1: $150. Video session to review cases for one hour, review medications, formulations, treatment plans or to provide guidance on practice.

Mentorship Monthly Package: $250. Includes 2 one-hour video sessions and 30 text's or email consultations/questions over the month. 

Other Services

Starting a Private Practice: $250/month for 2 one-hour zoom sessions reviewing the process + tips for starting a successful telehealth practice, along with 30 texts + emails for support and guidance.

Guest lecturer for class: please contact at for more information.


We will be back to you soon!

Student PMHNP

Maria accepts 1-2 students per semester for precepting within her home. Students are required to live in Arizona and commute to the practice site daily, and are given a variety of cases including ones with strong complexities to follow throughout their rotation. Students are expected to thoroughly research cases, provide evaluations, education, and to see all ages. This is an intensive and hands on rotation designed to make you a safe, empathetic and competent prescriber. We also require students to complete at least one asylum evaluation. ​

Since you will be in my home and representing my practice, I would like to make sure our values align -- also considering you will be around my biracial daughter. 


* Anti-racist values 

* Values of social justice 

* Understanding health disparities

* Love of dogs

* Ability to lose the "stiff professionalism" we are forced to learn and be open-minded 

* Commitment to working with the underserved 

* Vaccinated + respect for public health 

* No history of supporting Donald Trump's racist bullshit or anything similar. 

This is a highly selective process. If selected, you are expected to be on time, prepared, and open to growth/critique. No one knows everything, we are all still learning -- we all need to maintain this attitude of humility.

Please send a resume, cover letter (including personal information about yourself, career goals) and letter of recommendation to 

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