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Services & Fees

Credit cards are required on file for copays, deductibles and self-pay.

Currently accepting MOST BCBS, Aetna, UHC (but not UHC community/AHCCCS), Cigna plans. Send us your insurance card to to check if we cover your specific plan

Please note we are a teaching practice and student NPs may be involved in your care. This is to ensure we are spending the most amount of time possible to help you thrive.

Please read the policy document upon booking regarding refunds, contacting your provider no-shows and cancellations.

Inquire about sliding scales if needed.

We do not prescribe or continue prescriptions for benzodiazepines.


If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to appointment, miss your appointment or are late by over 10 minutes, you are responsible for the full self-pay fee, regardless of insurance status. Please ensure you cancel on time


A psychiatric evaluation is a 60-90 minute appointment in which we will ask a lot of questions about sleep, your mood, medications, and so on! We can discuss medication and supplement options, diagnosis, and other recommendations. We do child/adolescent evaluations, adult evaluations, family planning/peripartum evaluations, postpartum evaluations, pre-operation evaluations, asylum evaluations, ESA evaluations + more! 

$300 - **we offer a 15% SELF PAY discount if paid day of visit down to $250**


Follow ups are a 15-30 minute appointment in which you can discuss how you are doing, your sleep, appetite, medications, and ongoing things in your life. We can discuss medication adjustments or changes, review labs, or even just check in to see if you're doing okay! We also offer initial 30 minute *finding the right fit* visits for the same price.

$200 -- **we offer a 50% SELF PAY discount if paid day of visit down to $100**

Per Insurance

We offer services from Genomind. You can come to one our of locations or we will send a kit to your house to swab you (or your child's cheek). We will receive a report of how you metabolize medications and if you have the MTHFR gene mutation. We do require a 30 minute follow up to review the results. 



We can complete paperwork for employment, accommodations, educational concerns, emotional support animal letters, disability, FMLA, and other paperwork as needed. For a simple document, it starts at $25. We charge an additional $25 per 15 minutes to complete complex paperwork. All paperwork requires 72 business hours to complete. If you would like the form same day, it will be a $100 fee for expediting. Medical record requests are $50 per request.


Delfina Honne previously served as a case manager for over a decade at Arizona Children's Association. She can assist with navigation of resources such as food, housing, applications, educational concerns and accomodations, types of therapy and placement. Delfina is available at $25/hour to assist with 


Services & Fees



Emergency after-hour calls are typically not taken as we are not an emergency service. However, if your provider decides to offer an after-hours call for your specific situation, it will be a fee of $100 which is not covered by insurance. Please be aware of resources such as Mind 24/7 and the Crisis Team which may be more appropriate.


It is in our consent form that you agree not to subpoena us or have us attend court on your behalf. If you are interested in this service, we require payment for the full day of attendance (equating to lost pay of otherwise working, even if we are only needed for a short period of time), and all travel accommodations. It is $350/hour for all time worked including but not limited to consultation, review of documents, evaluations, and other legal work. Retainers are required. Maria offers immigration and asylum legal consultation.


QBCheck ADHD Test

Computerized ADHD testing available at Flagstaff, Central & North PHX locations. Please contact for an appointment. 


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