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Groups, Intensives & Residential Treatment

  • Groups for pregnant/postpartum women

  • Group to build secure attachment with your child

  • Support groups

  • DBT Group

  • Group for perinatal grief/loss

  • Virtual Intensive outpatient program (IOP) that lasts 9-12 weeks, accepts major insurances, and focuses on teens & young adults. 

  • Women's trauma recovery group starting June 14th. Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. Some insurances accepted, sliding scale available based on need.

  • Women’s infertility support group, free, virtual. Meets June 2023, and resumes again in September 2023.

  • IOP, Mens/women’s group,art, meditation, MAT group, IOP on telehealth, special group for individuals who may need an organ transplant.

  • IOP for various age groups down to age 10, up to late adulthood.

  • Partial hospitalization programs available 

  • Full spectrum IOP, specifically specializing in CPTSD, dissociative disorders and other trauma related disorders.

  • OCD Intensives - currently a wait list. Located in Scottsdale.

  • Adolescent DBT

  • Adult DBT

  • OCD support group

  • Online IOP accepting most major commercial insurances.

  • Trauma informed yoga group (60 minute flow followed by 30 minute general support group). 

Paperflower Psychiatry

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Text/Call: 928-504-4700

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