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June Andrew Jose C. Landingin (super long, yes!) is our newest support team member! You can call him June or Andrew for short. He is a licensed physical therapist and an experienced customer service representative. He’s one of the support staff that will handle prior-authorization as well as assisting in all support team tasks. One of his main goals in joining is for us to achieve our goal to provide the best patient support possible (and for you to get your medications in a timely manner!)

He currently resides in the Philipphines, is an only child with two dogs (and now, has an incredible drive to adopt a cat) and he loves driving (not in traffic). Taking long drives provides a therapeutic feeling for him and provides a
peaceful place to collect his thoughts. He also enjoys a good chat about the human mind, people in general and how people work. He takes opinions into consideration and will be fascinated to talk to you about anything.

He was super fun to have a conversation with during our interview process, and he's experienced in all things prior authorizations.

June Andrew Landingin

Prior Authorization Specialist

Paperflower Psychiatry

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Text/Call: 928-504-4700

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