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Thea Montesclaros 

Community Liaison

Thea K. Montesclaros is a registered Psychometrician and our new support team member. She will be handling phone calls and medical records. Her whole heart is in the field of Psychology and she is driven by her passion to help people struggling with mental health. To do this, she will be coordinating with different providers that best fit your needs and makes sure that your medical records are updated. 

She is currently obsessed with books and her ultimate goal is to make a library out of her tiny bedroom. She also paints and has been experimenting with different form of arts for years but can't stick to one medium for some reason. Regardless, she prides her open-mindedness that makes her easy to converse with. Although she would listen to your concerns with patience and negative judgment, she begs you not to scream as that may make her cry. Which is very ironic for someone who listens to loud music. 

She would be very interested to know whatever is going through your mind and assist you in whatever way she can offer. Her goal as a member of the support team is to make sure you feel safe to reach out to us so feel free to be yourself when working with her. 


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