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Computerized ADHD Test now available!

We are now offering the QBCheck as an option for testing for ADHD. We can typically do ADHD testing through a clinical interview -- however there are some people who want more definitive answers before starting on medication. Other times, your provider may want you to do further testing in order to differentiate disorders that may have significant overlap like Bipolar Disorder. This test doesn't diagnose you with ADHD, but it can help your provider cement the diagnosis.

What is the QBCheck? The QBCheck is an computerized task we offer at our locations that has been studied extensively. The test is fairly sensitive to picking up on ADHD -- it isn't perfect. It is MOST effective with adolescents and adults, not littles! It can help us identify if you have strong indications of impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention or a combination of the three. How long does the test take? It typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the test. It is 15 minutes for ages 6-11, and 20 minutes for those 12 and older.

Are there any requirements to take this test?

We ask that you come to one of our locations to take the test. Your provider can set you up during an appointment slot to take the test (if planned in advance) or we can send out a support team member to administer it.

Do I meet with anyone before I take the test? One of our support staff members will meet you at our location. They will get you set up, and then stay in the room during the duration of the test.

Does the computer film me?

The computer tracks your movements, but does not film you or store any visual or auditory data from the test.

How much does the test cost? The test is $120 and requires payment prior to the appointment.

What happens after taking the test? Your provider will have an appointment set up to review the results with you, and will have a report sent to you after your follow up appointment. Does this help with choosing medications? This is certainly a tool that your provider will be able to use to help you select a medication that could work best for you.

My child is taking the test. Do I stay with them in the room? Parents or guardians can cause a distraction, so we request that parents or guardians stay in our waiting area for the duration of the task. We do need you to attend to complete the consent.

Can I wear glasses during the test?

Yup, if you usually do.

Can I take the test if I am not an established patient?

Yes! You can take the test and we can email you the results -- but we cannot interpret them if you do not want an evaluation (as a new patient) or complete a follow up (as an established patient).

Where can I take the test?

Central Phoenix is open on Wednesdays & Saturdays by appointment only at: 3821 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Flagstaff is available throughout the week and some Saturdays by appointment only with Bre at: 408 N Kendrick St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

North Phoenix is open throughout the week by appointment only at: 14040 N Cave Creek Rd

Suite 301, Phoenix, AZ 85022

How do I sign up? Email to set your appointment up!

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