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All of the Ways Your Pets Benefit Your Mental Health

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Did you know that having a pet during COVID is protective for your wellbeing? Science confirms it. Researchers in Australia published a study in 2020 which found that despite the stressors of social distancing and lack of physical contact with other humans, the ability to have touch with a pet can be beneficial in mental health.

We know that humans are social creatures, and we do need social interaction for survival. Isolation can be detrimental to humans, and cause issues such as cognitive decline, higher levels of inflammation in the body, or suicidal thoughts. Maybe this is a reason that pet adoptions have risen significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

It was noted that over 90% of participants in the study felt that their pet (fish, cat, reptile, dog, species doesn't matter) helped them cope with the lockdown. In turn, the ability to touch their pets despite social distancing reduced feelings of loneliness and provided them with comfort. Others noted that their pet helped to keep them active.


If you're ever spoken with me or my husband, you'll know how important our fur-children are to us. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider a furry companion, as if the pandemic isn't reason enough..

Adoption Day may be initially tough for them. You've seen them at their worst but things take a beautiful turn, once they're settled in:

Soon, they'll be a little too comfortable. "Isn't stealing the peanutbutter jar OK?" "What about chewing the wires?" "I can meow at all hours of the night, right?" "I'm going to bully the big dogs, okay!"

Let's be honest, holidays are so much more fun when you get to dress up your pet..

All home improvement and gardening tasks will officially come with a highly trained assistant (we are certainly not sponsored by Home Depot).

They never forget to help with the day-to-day tasks either, like laundry, protecting notebooks, and making sure we are doing our jobs. The always end up RIGHT over your shoulder. Talk about micromanagement!

Don't worry, if you forget something - they will not let you forget it - in their own way, of course.

They'll be there to steal your cookies then hold your hand all in the same day. WTF?

They'll always dress their best for your birthday, as long as there's cake.. duh.

They'll start family sing-a-long's..when you would least expect it.

They'll always be right there beside you when you're feeling low.

Need a cuddle nap buddy? They got you covered!

And I promise, they won't hesitate when you ask them to be your best man or your maid of honor on the most special day of your life.

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