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How to prepare for your first telehealth psychiatric appointment

Well..honestly you really don't need to - just pop in to your telehealth link with a snack, your dog or cat and a comfy blanket.


Sometimes there can be some things that could help us. These are all totally optional (except the court orders) but helpful.

  1. A list of concerns you'd like to address. More than likely, all of them will be addressed in the questions we ask throughout the evaluation. It really won't hurt to write down things that are concerning you, are notable, that you related to on tik tok..anything. Questions you might have. We love seeing lists.

  2. A list of medications you have taken in the past. If you don't recall, you can always check your pharmacy history online or call your pharmacy and ask for a list. It can REALLY help us if you have this because we really don't want to prescribe something you took in the past and hated. Even empty bottles can work too.

  3. A list of medications you are currently taking.

  4. Any medical documentation you have that may be helpful.

  5. Hospital discharge paperwork if you have been recently discharged from a hospital, crisis center or emergency room.

  6. Recent labwork. If you've had recent labs done by a specialist or your PCP, we will ideally love to have a copy.

  7. Copies of any other evaluations that may be helpful to us like neuropsychological evaluations.

  8. Court orders if required -- this is mostly applicable for co-parents. We do need copies before we see your kiddo if this is the case.

  9. IEP or 504B plans for your kiddo. It can be helpful to review these and see if we need to make any sort of recommendations for further accommodations.

Our email addresses are all listed on the front of our website - feel free to email your provider any documentation you have prior to the appointment!

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