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May 2024 Company Updates (and a billing update!)

A new location!?

I'm excited to note that we are now in four in-person locations including opening an office in CalmOCD's practice in Tucson this month! Locations are all listed on our website. Melody is our newest NP who sees all ages virtually as well as in Tucson and she's such a joy to work with.

Our medical record system is appmnt reminders

An important note is that if you receive any appointment confirmations from Tebra, please ignore them. If you have booked a telehealth appointment, it remains telehealth. THE 3104 E CAMELBACK AVE ADDRESS IS OUR POSTAL ADDRESS, NOT A CLINIC ADDRESS!!! For whatever reason, Tebra has been sending our reminders with this location. We've been working with them for weeks on this issue with no resolve. Our support team has been sending you individual emails with your actual confirmation on it -- and all confirmations from the original booking website remain valid - just not Tebra!

A new IN HOUSE billing team!!!

I'm most excited to announce that we now have an internal billing team. I know there have been months worth of complaints on our current system including some public reviews. We've lost patients over it which is disappointing. If you connect with your provider as a person but chose to leave over an administrative issue -- it means something needs to be done.

I know it has been frustrating to contact our support team with questions..only to have them relay them to an external company, wait on their reply..etc.. It was like a really horrible game of telephone. And no one wants to play telephone when it has to do with your money.

There were also concerns with insurance verification, timeliness, inaccurate charges, and so on. I read all the reviews and make myself anxious over them. And I get the emails, too. Our support team supervisor, Rome, took a lot of the brunt of your frustrations. So we came up with a different system.

As of June 1st, our dedicated Paperflower billing team including Donna, Jed, Michelle + Ken will be taking full control of the billing system. How does this benefit you?

You can now talk directly to our billing team! You no longer need to play telephone with the support team, and wait for them to relay questions. They will work with you on insurance verification, coordination of benefits, helping you understand your policy, payment plans, or anything else related to payment.

  • We have opened up a separate text/call phone line that will directly go to our billing team. They will be working 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. If the phone line is busy, it will divert you to voicemail. They will return your call within 24 business hours. This line is accessible at: 602-613-0455

  • Billing questions, sending insurance updates, etc. can also be directed to a dedicated billing email:

  • If you've checked with your insurance and are concerned a provider is not covered with your specific plan (or you'd like us to start working with your plan), please email so Michelle can investigate alongside our billing team for you to make sure you are covered in seeing us. We may be able to request single-case agreements for certain insurances.

Annnnd... a new leadership team

We have also established a leadership team to help you better voice any concerns.

Delfina Honne is now our practice manager and Rome is our support team supervisor.

If you have a concern about not receiving a prompt or satisfactory response from the support team, please contact and cc

Delfina's contact information is also easily accessible on the front page of our webpage if you have any concerns regarding our practice.

Even in expanding, my goal remains to offer accessible care with freaking awesome providers. We have a lot of freaking awesome providers. We now have a pretty freaking awesome support team and billing team. I'm hoping this helps bridge the gap that many of you have voiced concerns about.

I have always been a provider and I'm really good at evaluations and psych meds. I'm still working on making this a sound business.

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