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Meet our new NPs + learn about our in-person locations!

I'm really excited that we now have THREE in-person locations up and running! Bre is in Flagstaff, Jon is in Central on Wednesdays, and Melissa & Erica are in the North Phoenix location.

You may have noticed we have added on some new nurse practitioners - so I want to introduce them!

Melissa is working in our North Phoenix office as well as virtually seeing adults + Spanish speaking families. Prior to starting, Melissa trained with Jon. Melissa has such a good heart. She's excellent at the differentiation between bipolar disorder and ADHD, as well as dual management of those diagnoses. She enjoys seeing young adults and adult populations, but low key, she's really good with kids. My toddler hates everyone and actually likes her. If that isn't saying something, IDK what is.

Erica is working solely at our North Phoenix office and specializes in child/adolescent and young adults. She is the definition of a badass quite frankly. She trained with me during her doctoral program and I was impressed with how well she was at connecting with kids, catching on to tough diagnoses and working with parents struggling on helping their kiddos through their mental health concerns. She is great at education and will make sure you understand everything -- medications, diagnostics, and a plan moving forward. And she's pretty damn inspirational. Also, just look at her dog.

LJ is working virtually! LJ is a really chill person, and you'll definitely pick up on that vibe in your

appointments with him. He genuinely cares about his patients, and sees all ages. He connects well with kids, teens and young adults. He also loves working with veterans... and he's a nerdy Marvel fan. So that's always cool! I knew immediately on my interview with him that I had to have him work with us. I felt immediately comfortable with him, so I know patients will find that same ease.

If you're unsure which NP to pick to see..

Jon - very straight forward and kind

Melissa - a female bilingual version of Jon

Tatiana - professional all the way around, great listener

Ally - quirky Swiftie with some fun jokes

LJ - laid back and easy to talk to

Ethel - sweet, easy to talk to, professional and understanding

Liz - conversational, and open to talking about societal impacts on mental health

Reese - the protective teddy bear

Erica - funny, extroverted + great with teens and young adults

Bre - extroverted and honest AF

Meghan - thorough, kind and great listener


North Office: 14040 N Cave Creek Rd, Suite 301. Phoenix AZ 85022

Central Office: 3821 N 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85015

Flagstaff: 408 N. Kendrick St. Ste #4. Flagstaff Az, 86001

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