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Need a Primary Care Provider/HRT provider in PHX?

We recently came across a really fantastic, LBTQIA+ friendly primary care provider (I know, rare right?!) called Your Health and Wellness.

They are a group of nurse practitioners that offer full primary care services as well as services such as hormone replacement therapy, PrEP, physicals, women's health services, IV therapy + weight loss management. Overall, pretty comprehensive and impressive. In talking to them, they are also super down to earth and friendly :)

We asked them to give us a little blurb:

"We provide comprehensive and compassionate care for all patients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; however, our primary patient population is lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+). We understand that LGBTQI+ patients have historically been an underserved community with unique health needs and are able to meet those needs. We aim to eradicate long-standing health disparities while furthering the care, education and service goals of Your Health and Wellness by providing a safe, welcoming space to receive care.

Learn more on their website:

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