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Types of Psychiatric Evaluations

The kind where your surgical team or specialist made you come before you could have the procedure.

Sometimes you are in the middle of a life-changing decision that requires some form of medical intervention. This could be IVF, a limb removal, a cosmetic procedure or weight-loss surgery. No matter what it is, your provider may want to make sure that you are doing okay prior to the procedure and to set you up for success post-procedure. We are happy to officially offer these evaluations with our team expanding.

The kind where you just want to know your diagnosis.

We get these a LOT! People don't even realize that it's okay to be curious. Perhaps you may have come across a few Tik Tok videos indicating that you've had underlying anxiety, bipolar, borderline personality disorder or ADHD. Know what? You should tell us. Because that's really useful information to us, and it can help us to get a good assessment. If you found you've related to 54378954379854 videos about ADHD, provide us some of those examples! Make a list! You are not obligated to take action (in any way) by having an evaluation. It can just be a for-your-information.

The kind where your therapist made you go.

Usually you'll have a solid relationship with your therapist, and at some point, they might think you need some additional support. They might want a diagnostic clarification for you, or they might be hoping you can have a conversation about starting medication. We aren't as cool as your therapist, but we are excited to be apart of your team too.

The kind where your primary care doctor wanted you to come.

Primary care doctors were not trained in treatment of mental health. So if you are requiring more than one medication, if you don't respond to the first medication or have any side effects..or if you just screen high for depression or anxiety, you might be coming to see us. But we are trained and can give you a lot more time than those really quick PCP visits.

The kind where the court requires it.

This happens. We are here for it. Ashley has a special interest in forensics, so after she starts, you might be seeing her. If you need it for an asylum case, you'll probably be seeing Maria.

The kind where you really want some medication.

This is our bread and [vegan] butter. We're ready for you. We have options. We have vitamins and supplement options too.

The kind for your kid (or the one your parent made you go to).

Going to a specialist can feel really overwhelming and scary. I feel like a lot of parents come in ready to fight for their kid because they've spent so long not being heard. But we're here to hear you!!! We promise! If you need support getting accommodations or a therapist for your kid, we are here for that too.

If your parent is making you go..let's be honest, that can really feel awkward. It might feel like it sucks and you're going to sit there with your arms crossed and be angry at us. You might want to refuse to talk. I mean, that's cool and everything, but we want to know your story. We want to know you as a person. We want to meet your dogs and cats. We want to see your artwork and hear about your interests. Most of us were actually pretty cool people back in our day..(I think a lot of us were emo kids, actually).

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