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More Announcements!

We have some new changes that are exciting and just things we want to publicly note.

X. Paperflower Psychiatry will HAVE A TENT AT PRIDE THIS YEAR! We will be there signing you up for evaluations, and doing a spin-to-win for some fidget toys/stickers and offering free mental-health screenings! And you know, having a blast and enjoying the festival. Make sure you stop by and say hi to us! Maria will be there all weekend alongside Michelle, Delfina and maybe a few special guests.

X. We are taking new patients!! I've been putting that everyone, but really, if you have anywhere you can leave business cards, I'll send you some with a Starbucks gift card :)

X. We (well, everyone except Jon) will be attempting to contract with MercyCare!!! So eventually, all new providers will be taking it. I've hired on a company who says they will be able to hopefully get us credentialed with *some* AHCCCS plans. So keep your eyes out in the next few months!

X. Bre TheCheese STARTS NEXT WEEK! She is seeing ages 5 to 26 -- and she's really rad..and she knows about a lot of the new, novel psychiatry treatments. So if you're into that, you'll vibe her. I highly recommend you check her psychologytoday video (it may or may not be hilarious and awesome).

X. Tatiana will also be starting VERY soon, and Ally has officially joined us full time! Look for announcements in the next few weeks for Ashley, Candace and Meghan's start dates.

X. We are moving our 928-504-4700 phone line next week over to a MUCH more efficient answering service. You'll be able to directly speak with one of our assistants, leave a voicemail on a designated refill line, or request an appointment on a designated scheduling line. It's pretty fancy, and it makes us almost feel like an *OFFICIAL* company (you know, because imposter syndrome).

X. Maybe not an exciting announcement but a necessary one..we are going to be a lot more strict on our 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel 24 hours prior, you will be responsible for the full amount of your appointment. This has been in our consent form, but I always felt guilty about reinforcing it to be quite honest. But now our team has grown and we are trying to make things better and more effective for you as a patient.. it is important that we are still able to pay our team who will be reaching out to you, rescheduling, doing refills, etc. as well as compensating your provider's time. When it was just me, it was like whatever. But now it's affecting all of us. So PLEASE SHOW UP OR CANCEL IN ADVANCE.

X. Our support team has expanded and Daysha has joined us! Delfina and Daysha will be doing confirmations, prior authorizations, faxes, medical record requests, refills and patient services while Michelle will be managing the scheduling, billing + collections :)

X. I (maria) can only see patients Wednesdays for a few hours, sorry ya'll. If this doesn't work, it might be worth checking in to seeing one of the newer providers (who will be under my guidance..or you know, Jon, who graduated under my guidance so hopefully he's a good provider..jk he is awesome).

I feel bad but my schedule is so jam packed trying to get this up and running, networking, coordinating, doing stupid business stuff like payroll and boring things..and having my daughter's first birthday approaching soon. Which means Miss Mayumi Jade is walking, wild, and all over the place. I want to take care of her and be there for this time in her life. I mean, she's cute right?

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