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Need a last minute gift? Helpful gifts by diagnosis!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

The holidays are notorious for dealing with a not-so-pleasant family conversation about politics at the table. Other times, it exacerbates the fact that our friend is completely neurotic and worried, or we may notice that another important person in our life seems to be in a slump. The holidays trigger all sorts of emotions.

There are a million posts out there for gift ideas. Here's one if you're looking to support someone you know who has had some mental health struggles (or if you just nerd out reading the DSM and googling psychiatric I've never done that..)


One of the major symptoms of generalized anxiety is muscle tension. A lot of times, people with anxiety struggle with relaxing. They end up holding tightness all over their bodies which leads to a tense neck, shoulders, and back at times. This means a massage would have been an excellent gift -- but we live in the times of COVID. So the next best thing is.. a massage gun they can use ANYTIME.

I may also have this massage gun (thank you, sister-in-law!), and I can tell you the best feature is the U-shaped attachment that goes along your spine. If you've ever had anxiety, this is a game-changer.

It may be a little pricey..but let's be real. It'll save the cost of buying a massage every month after the pandemic ends (whenever this may be..)

I'm all about alternative and complementary options. CBD is up and coming in the wellness world. So why not combine a moment of self-care with some anxiety-reducing benefits? Bath bombs infused with CBD are a bomb idea (haha) for anyone who has anxiety.

I have literally bought a weighted blanket for my entire family this year. I plan to probably buy everyone else one for the next holiday. This is probably one of the best purchases of my life, and I could not speak more highly of it. I originally got one to help with my anxiety and my husband laughed at me (thanks Judel). After he tried it, he asked me to order him one :-|

We have this one. It's great for people who are hot sleepers. They also come in a ton of different colors. I've been eyeing this tree one for quite some time now (but I already got an orange one..)

Also excellent for someone with depression, insomnia, restless legs, trauma, sensory issues, autism, or ADHD... Go for a 15lb for someone around 150lbs.

Finally, essential oils can help to promote focus, reduce anxiety, promote good sleep and just chill out. So an essential oil diffuser would be an amazing option for someone who suffers from anxiety. However, if the person has pets, be careful of what oils you purchase for this.


Depression can present in a LOT of different ways, and there are a lot of reasons and types of

depression. Depending on what someone is struggling with, the gift may look different. Sometimes, waking up and getting out of bed can be HARD when you have depression. This lamp can help reset our natural chemicals to give us a boost to get out of bed in the morning.

Plants are known to improve mood. For someone with

depression, self-care can be a huge struggle -- which is why a

desert plant is an easy win. Not a lot of love is needed, but enough to make you smile to see it thriving. After all, if a little plant can thrive with minimal reasons, can't we?

A cute "wish bead" bracelet is another thoughtful idea. This allows them to write a note of hope and carry it with them while taking in energy from the stones. It serves as a reminder that there is more.

You can even sit with them and write your own wish for them (my husband got me this but as a necklace for one occasion and I swooned). Another more affordable option would be to write a letter expressing the amazing things they have done for you, your hopes for them, and everything you admire about them. There is nothing more incredible than receiving a personalized handwritten note.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Every kid in my office (and let's be honest, every adult) always went right for the rubix cube. It can be a helpful thing to have nearby in moments of thinking, processing..or just watching a virtual

lecture. People with ADHD do not do well at one activity. More like, we do a lot of different activities at once. The other option is a very discrete marble fidget toy. It's fairly satisfying to use. Having something to fidget with can be SUPER helpful to pay attention to when others speak (I'm sure you're tired of hearing "what did you say?" and repeating everything 85038503 times...just a small sign that you may know someone with ADHD).

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can stem from about a million different things. One of the best things people with a history of trauma can do for themselves is to learn mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness can help with a lot of symptoms including improvement of concentration, sleep and it can help to decrease our very overactive bodies that make us easily startled. It can begin to allow us to form and keep positive thoughts. If there is anything that has a scientific basis in healing, it is meditation.

The "Calm" app has been life-changing to me and I've recommended it to everyone I've encountered. There are exercises to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as promote kindness, love, gratitude, and self-esteem. I think this would be good for ANYONE, but especially those who've struggled in their life. Mindfulness is the first step in understanding suffering, and being able to accept oneself and our experience.

A yearly subscription = psych NP approved.

And another great gift for everything... an appointment with me, of course :)

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