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Psych Meds without Insurance?

Raise your hand if you don't have health insurance and the cost of your meds is more than you want to pay (raises hand).

There's a couple quick things you should know.

  • Medications cost different amounts at different pharmacies. You can PRICE SHOP. Go on - input your medication, dose and number of pills..boom. You can see what pharmacy you can send it to for the cheapest.

  • Make sure you download the GoodRX app and show the pharmacy every time you go.

  • If you need to have different meds sent to different pharmacies, please ask us! We are happy to keep money in your pocket.

  • If you're on vacation and need to fill a script because you lost yours.. you can ask the pharmacy to only fill a certain number of pills ("I'm only here for another 4 days, can I just purchase 4 pills?")

  • One of *the* most affordable places to get generic medications is the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Pharmacy.. yup, the guy from Shark Tank. We like him a LOT. Check right on this website to see if they offer your medication and let us know if you would like to send your meds here:

  • The Mark Cuban pharmacy is a mail order pharmacy and does take some time to get to your house. I recently ordered my own meds from here ( health insurance) and it took maybe about a week-ish for them to arrive after I checked out.

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