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Some Of Our Favorite Psychiatric Supplements

Supplements and holistic options for mental are a frequent conversation that we have with our patients. I've rounded up some of our favorites to save you from a wild goose chase of "which one do I pick?" on Amazon.

The Top Three

1. NAC. Also known as N-Acetylcysteine. If you nerd out on pharm, you'll note this is the antidote to an acetaminophen overdose.. but MORE importantly, it's incredible for skin picking, hair pulling, obessive compulsive disorder, anxiety.. Hands down, this is *the* most effective supplement that I recommend the most. There's not many options left on Amazon, but click here to see one of only ones I've found. There is a lot of controversy over this as a "supplement" (because, let's face it..the FDA wants to bank on it). NOW Brand is also great. Can be found at Sprouts.

2. Magnesium. Magnesium is evidenced to help with anxiety, sleep, focus and helping to relax your muscles. I am a huge fan - great for people who are restless sleepers. This is another great version in a capsule form. Can also help with constipation..but if you're looking for that, I'd recommend this one.

3. Valerian Root. Valerian is derived from a flower and has benefits as a sleep option - as well as for anxiety and mood regulation. This is one of the supplements you can take before bed, and have a *restful* sleep. People swear by this for anxiety too. I am also a huge advocate of ZZZQuil which I think is so effective because it contains valerian root.

Anxiety & Mood

Ashwaganda. 300mg a day in the morning can help with anxiety + mood. It has some of the best evidence in research out of any natural remedies for depression or anxiety.

CBD. Plz visit your local dispensary for something of quality, not amazon.

L-Theanine. Theanine at dosages around 200mg are really great for prevention of anxiety.

Omega's. More helpful in the long term than the short term. It can take 2-3 months of daily use to notice a difference for ADHD, but it is really good for brain development and brain health. People do notice that this significantly helps medication work better. This one is also a good choice. If you can stand fish oil (and are not vegan), that is certainly another route to go.

L-methylfolate. If you've ever been told you have the MTHFR mutation, you may need to avoid regular versions of folate/folic acid to take a methylated version. Essentially, your body does not process this, and this renders it incapable of making appropriate levels of neurotransmitters, leading to things like depression and anxiety. Central line defects are also related to the MTHFR mutation.

ADHD & Focus

Choline. Choline has incredible benefits for ADHD and focus. It has been shown that very high amounts of choline in pregnancy can help your fetus's brain development (and potentially prevent a child with severe focus issues).

Coenzyme 10.

Coenzyme 10. 200mg daily has been shown to help improve focus.

Inositol. This has been shown to be effective for ADHD, panic disorder and anxiety. 1200 to 1800 mg daily is recommended. In basic terms, it’s like a sugar that can be found in foods and helps to regulate hormones and neurotransmitters. In supplements, you can take larger amounts and see more benefits.

Zinc. There is some research that small dosages of zinc can help with focus, and that people who have ADHD are low in zinc. Up to 20mg a day is fine to take. Often times “focus” supplements at stores like Sprouts have zinc in them, which can be helpful.

General Supplements

Best Iron Supplement. I may be biased because my daughter has a million and five allergies, but Mary Ruth supplements are allergy friendly, corn-free and overall bomb. My second runner up is this one. The drops are more associated with constipation and dark stools. Those tabs seem less likely to have that problem.

Best Prenatal Vitamin. I took this my entire pregnancy and looked forward to it on the daily.

Best Vitamin B12. If you are deficient, or just vegan.. you NEED these. They are easily processed within your body, will get your level back up to where it needs to be, and are delicious. B12 helps with energy, fatigue and focus.

Best Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D is associated with depression and fatigue. 2,000 units daily is fine unless your prescriber tells you otherwise.

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