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Some company updates!!

In my last two posts, I introduced Ally (seeing ages 6 to 65) and Bre (5 to 26) who will be joining our team. We actually have a few more nurse practitioners I'll be introducing over the next few months (welcome Meghan, Ashley, Tatiana + Candace!)

In the mean time, we have some cool changes coming to Paperflower Psychiatry.

Switching providers and current availability

  • Switch your provider: If you've been seeing Jon or I, and you're not vibing our availability, personality, want a second opinion, whatever, please please please reach out to switch to a new provider! We are MORE than happy to get you set up with someone who fits your vibe better. Email and we will get you set up!

  • If you're seeing Maria..: Maria is not taking new patients, cutting down hours and will be moving to management of the practice and supporting our incoming nurse practitioners. Her availability will only be Wednesdays 11am to 4pm. Please consider switching to a new provider if this does not work for you. Our new providers are equally awesome, if not even cooler.

Scheduling New Evaluations and Follow Ups

  • We are taking new patients, please send us your family, friends, students, neighbors, patients, cats..(jk about the cats I think)

  • Setting up a new evaluation: We have availability to see new providers but we are now booking into late August. Please fill out a form here if you'd like to set up an intake.

  • Self Booking follow ups: I have now linked the self-scheduling in case you've lost it/lose it/never knew where or how to book a follow up.

Phone Changes

  • Our number will remain 928-504-4700..however: I am in process of changing over our company. We will soon have a phone menu to make things SO much easier for you! This includes a voicemail to request your refill, to leave scheduling questions, an extension for information, patient services and billing services that will direct to our support staff. We will also have direct extensions for our providers on our phone number!

Supporting the Greater Community

  • Public School Workshops: Arizona sucks. If you know of a public school who is in need of a training on pediatric/adolescent trauma, Maria will come to your school for freaking free to do a workshop. The fact that we are hiring people without an education degree to teach in our public schools who do not fully understand child trauma is concerning for our community.

  • New Grad PMHNPs: Maria has also launched for new graduate psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. If you know anyone (or are a new grad reading this!), she is now offering mentorship packages and consultations :)

New Support Staff

  • We will soon be introducing you to Daysha who will be handling some medical assistant tasks as well as all of the scheduling!

If you need a therapist recommendation

  • Please reach out to Maria at

  • We do not have therapists at this time, but work closely with many in our community

Business cards and brochures

  • If you have somewhere we can drop off brochures or business cards, please let Maria know -

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