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May Paperflower Updates!

I'm so excited to announce we're continuing to expand and grow.. Summer is approaching which means school vacations, hot as fuck weather in most parts of the state leading to seasonal depression because none of us are leaving our house, and low Vitamin D levels.

  • I updated our Frequently Asked Question page to be more helpful. If you have questions about policies, no shows, rescheduling, billing, labs, where to find your appointment link, who to contact for what..

  • Reese has joined our team as an NP which we are excited about. He recently opened up his schedule for Saturdays and a few Wednesdays. He'll be at my house this month while he's learning our Paperflower ways so you may or may not hear Mayumi screaming dinosaur songs.

  • We have two nurse practitioner students starting this month - Molly is working with Liz and Melissa is working with Jon. Upon graduation this summer, Melissa will be joining our team full time! You can read more about them on the "About Us" page.

  • We have a new life coach, Taalor!! Her fees are listed on the services page. Taalor can work with you on life transitions - particularly entering parenthood, marriage or divorce. She's also amazing to help with ADHD -- and helping you set up systems that work for you. We know medication can only go so far, and she's an incredible resource with years of experience. If you'd like to book with her, email her directly at to get started!

  • We have hired on a new support team member - June Andrew! You can read more about him here. This is going to help our response time to concerns, and particularly to get your prior authorizations done on time. He'll mainly be focusing on prior auth's and pharmacy . If you're the asshole to complain about his or Rome's accent and "wanting to talk to an American," please find a new fucking practice to receive care at because we are not it.

  • I'll be giving birth sometime around June or July. This might cause some delays in responses to emails or billing issues since I'm typically the intermediate between you and the billing company.

  • That being said.. Please for my sanity, if you have a card on file or want to use an HSA card, make sure it's unlocked and you have funds loaded on to it before your appointment. If you need a payment plan, LET US KNOW DURING YOUR APPOINTMENT OR BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. We are fine with payment plans, or if you need to wait until a certain day to pay your copay..but WE NEED TO KNOW! Our support team is spending a massive amount of time reaching out to people who's cards are not going through. If we can't get paid for the services, I cannot pay your provider. If I cannot pay your provider, they're all going to quit and go find somewhere else to work at :(

  • On our service page, it appears that our self payments have gone up. As long as you make a payment the day of/before your appointment, they will remain at $250/evaluation and $100/follow up.

  • We were all stressing a little about controlled substances such as Adderall potentially needing in-person visits.. and I definitely had a plan for it. But the good news is that prescriptions from telehealth are protected until November 2023! So no in-person visits needed yet :)

  • Finally, we are nominated for Best of the Valley under services > mental health facility. Vote for us daily from now to May 21!

  • We are still hiring for one more full-time new graduate nurse practitioner and looking for the perfect fit. Ideally, I'd really really love someone who is bilingual so we can continue to extend our services. If you know anyone, direct them here. To be clear, we are absolutely politically discriminating for this position and that is totally legal in this state. This is the why:

We’ve gotten a few comments about our hiring post being “discriminatory” politically. Yup, sure is. Why is that? Because I will not allow a person voting AGAINST your rights in our practice to care for you.
I’d be a freaking sell out if I were to trust a person who believes drag queens are more dangerous than guns to care for you. Who believes that child bearing people should not have the choice for abortions. Who believes that LGBTQIA people are lesser than them, and deserve fewer rights. Who believe “all lives matter” and believe white privilege doesn’t exist. Who believes that undocumented folk should be deported.
I don’t know how I could let a person who is fighting against the rights of my patients, their families and our community to be apart of this practice ethically.
So choose us to do your mental health care, and know your provider is on your side in all realms. This is a safe place that you don’t need to worry if your provider is a bigot. You don’t need to worry if they’re racist or transphobic. You don’t need to worry if they’re going to judge you for an abortion. You don’t need to worry that they’re the people telling your parents to “speak English” and “go back to your country.” I promise I screen the shit out of everyone so this continues to be SAFE for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community

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